The Fairness of Artificial Intelligence

07/12/2022 - From 19h30
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Artificial Intelligence is omnipresent and we want to know to what extent it drives our thinking, opinions and lives.

Drs Carmen Mazijn (speaker) will give us science-based insight in the multiple types of AI and in their potential algorithmic biases. She will also touch upon the impact and consequences of feedback loops created by AI systems, such as unchallenged opinion reinforcement due to social media recommendations

Since 2019 Carmen Mazijn's main subject of research is the Fairness of Artificial Intelligent systems. Her research takes place in an interdisciplinary consortium where she contributes with her mathematics and political sciences background. She looks at what it means for a decision-making algorithm to be fair, different fairness notions of machine learning systems and how to interrogate black-box algorithms.

Moderator: Anne Leemans – Managing Director at Fontana Identity and Design Secretary General at Yellow Design Foundation

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