Women in Politics: How To Be Human in Politics with Daria Nashat

24/05/2023 - From 19h30
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There are many challenges women face in politics: the harsh and highly competitive political system, the male-dominated 24/7 work culture, the negative media environment, the lack of support and role models etc. etc.

However, it seems that the greatest challenge is simply to 'be human' as misogyny and personal abuse against women are on the rise. Just in the past few months, high-profile women political leaders stepped down highlighting the difficulty to 'stay human' in politics.

This interactive dialogue will explore: What would it take for women to thrive in politics? How can we stay resilient and aligned with our values? How do we find supportive peer-networks to build collective resilience? How do we shift our political culture to the ethics of 'When they go low, we go high'?

The event will be guided by inspirational input and invites you to participate actively in the conversation.

Daria Nashat is a trainer, facilitator, and advisor on inclusive leadership and resilience strategies. She is passionate about diversity in politics and has co-founded and supported different initiatives for women in politics.

She is the co-host of 'Courageous Conversations on Race and Privilege'; a certified Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) trainer; and a Steering Committee member of WIIS Brussels.

Previously, Daria worked in the field of peacebuilding and refugee return. She has worked with governments, international organizations, foundations, and NGOs. For more information visit: or

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