How to Embrace Your Leadership and Make The World a Better Place

06/07/2023 - From 19h00
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A fireside chat about mindset, values, and the definition of success

Have you ever felt you should be wildly successful while at the same time some intangible force held you back? Do you have a part that wants nothing more than to work, while another part only wants to love and care for others (or your flowers)? Have you ever felt like the odd one out, despite your efforts to fit in? Or, have you felt your work to lack purpose, and longed to contribute in a more meaningful way?

And have you ever wondered why?

To explore all these questions and more, join Jessica J.J. Lutz for a fireside chat with Georgia Brooks and Helene Banner during which Jessica will present her new book:

We-mind vs. Me-mind: A New Vision for Success in Leadership and Life


19h Doors Open

19h30 Fireside chat during which Jessica will read from her book

20h30 Book signing & networking drinks



Jessica mentors and coaches high performers to unlock their pent-up potential and design a business or career that is both rewarding and rewarded.

After a long career as a news correspondent in the Near East, during which she wrote several non-fiction books, she turned to novel writing and started working as a trauma therapist. These experiences bring a unique perspective to her work. She understands the dynamics of success in demanding environments and leverages her expertise to help clients develop poise, presence and purpose in all aspects of their lives.

As a dedicated volunteer, Jessica serves on multiple boards of women's networks and spearheads a successful mentoring program, nurturing the next generation of aspiring high performers.

Her new book We-mind vs. Me-mind is the result of seven years of research. Don't miss the opportunity to attain a free copy at the event raffle, too!

What early readers have said:

'A book for the leaders of tomorrow!'

'A must-read that invites us to think beyond gender balance. It shows the way forward to entirely shift the idea of success in our organizations.'

'A fascinating, eye-opening and enjoyable read! This book really got me thinking!'

'An important idea – contrasting we-mindedness with me-mindedness – that will give you a new and better insight into your behavior and those in relationship with you. She highlights critical issues that become more lucid using her framework. It’s a read worth your time and sharing with your colleagues.'

'A refreshing book that will help more women realize their leadership ambitions!’

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