Love Week: Breaking Free - Self-Love as the Key to Bliss

12/02/2024 - From 19h30 - Members Only
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Be taken on an unforgettably raw and triumphant journey as Aniana Taelman reveals how she unlocked the portal to unconditional happiness, soul-guided purpose and unshakable inner resilience.

Where others saw Aniana’s life aspirations as unrealistic, she remained faithful to her vision of fulfillment. Though the world tried to rewrite her story of possibility into one of limitation, she held firm to her intuition, her voice, her worth - determined to heal generational wounds and inspire anyone who yearns to achieve the same. After enduring immense personal hardships including divorce and family trauma, Aniana found herself depleted and directionless - despite "having it all" on the surface.

In this vulnerable sharefest, Aniana will take you deep into the mindset shifts, "a-ha" moments and practices that enabled her phoenix-like rise from the ashes of loss into unconditional self-love and unshakeable inner/outer bliss.

Be prepared to journey alongside Aniana, as she unravels the masks worn to meet society's standards of success, the limiting beliefs she battled and the nurturing self-care rituals she anchored to emerge renewed.

You will gain powerful insights on:

• Shedding suffocating expectations of who you "should" be

• Igniting motivation rooted in your true soul passions - not external achievement pressures

• Learning to fill your own cup first before pouring into others

• Establishing firm boundaries so you don't betray your worth for mere crumbs of love or validation

• Activating the confidence and courage to honor your uniqueness rather than shrinking small to conform

Leave forever changed, equipped with a roadmap for coming home to the purpose and joy you may have misplaced - now awakened to love yourself fully.

Claim victory in breaking free so your inner light can flood the world!


Once leading in the corporate sphere, Aniana left a successful career to pursue meaning beyond professional accolades.

After publishing a raw autobiography “Het Einde Is Nu” processing profound trauma, her life's purpose came into focus - guiding women to embrace happiness by daring to be their truest selves.

Having emerged from immense adversity to find bliss in simple pleasures and an unexpected yet destined twin soul love, Aniana, now also known as “Milady A” walks her talk.

Through her Signature “Bliss Interludes” and other mesmerising experiences under her brand "Bliss by Milady A", she creates a judgement-free oasis for ambitious women to reconnect with self-love and their deepest yearnings.

Join her Circle of Bliss Seekers rooted in the understanding that genuine, unshakable bliss awaits those bold enough to confront their inner demons, shed society's expectations, and commit fully to the non-negotiable choice of unconditional happiness and self-love.

When you muster the courage and resilience to no longer betray yourself in order to conform, endless joy awaits. Milady A illuminates the path - now boldly walk it.



Instagram: @BlissByMiladyA

LinkedIn: Aniana Taelman

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