Anti-Harassment Training with The Bridge

20/02/2024 - From 19h00 - Members & Guests
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Part theatre, part workshop, part immersive experience - not to be missed!

What would you do if you witnessed harassment in a public space (on the street, on public transport or in an office setting)? 86%1 of people do not know how to react when witnessing sexual harassment.

Yet a few simple techniques can help victims.

The Bridge Theatre is an NGO producing English language professional theatre productions and workshops, with the aim to connect Brussels residents through the experience of culture.

Stand Up is an international training programme deployed in Belgium by the NGO TouchePasAMaPote / BlijfVanMijnLijfBE.

Building on the programme’s successes so far, The Bridge Theatre and TPAMP provides experiential workshops which go beyond traditional awareness raising, by elevating the understanding and use of the programme’s practical and valuable methodology; the 5D method.

Led by professional actors and a facilitator, you enter into a world that is part theatre part everyday life.

The 5D method

There are many reasons for inaction while witnessing sexual harassment. The 5D method allows participants to acquire simple gestures or behaviours depending on the seriousness of the situation, and to adopt the reaction that suits them best.

The training method helps participants to:

- Notice the scenario and assess their safety

- Assess what keeps them from acting when witnessing harassment

- Decide which one of the 5Ds works for them.

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