Workshop: The Mysterious World of Diamonds

28/03/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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Join us for an exciting and captivating evening as we delve into the mysterious world of diamonds. Discover the secrets behind these dazzling gemstones and learn about their fascinating history, origins, and the intricate process of their formation.

You will learn about:

  • The origin of diamonds
  • The properties of diamonds
  • The 4Cs of a diamond: quality factors (with practice - how to hold a loupe and tweezers like a pro)
  • Synthetic diamonds: threats & future
  • Diamond imitation (with practice - how to recognize cubic zorconia)

ABOUT Laurence:

Laurence Vandenborre is a young, experienced Belgian jewelry designer and gemologist based in Antwerp. At the age of fourteen she was already selling her own handmade jewelry set with Swarovski pearls. But her true dream? Designing and marketing her very own fine jewelry collection.

With her master’s degree at HEC in Marketing & Management and her degree in Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America, Laurence began chasing her dream to become a jewelry designer. For five years she worked at HRD Antwerp, a renowned diamond laboratory in Antwerp. In 2018 Laurence’s dream came true: she launched her first fine jewelry collection. All her designs are a true embodiment of her vision: stylish and luxury jewelry pieces that can be worn every day by women from every walk of life. Elegant pieces that reflect their personal style, their character, and that make them feel unique and confident.

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