Invest In Women: How Finance Can Advance Gender Equality

14/03/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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One of the key challenges in achieving gender equality is the alarming lack of financial investment on women and gender-equality measures.

Less than 2% of VC funding globally goes to female-founded businesses. Meanwhile the average gender pay gap across the EU is at 13%.

According to the World Bank, barriers to accessing finance are generally associated with gender differences in income, legal rights, and lack of access to legal identification, credit histories, collateral, and technology.

In this panel discussion, we will discuss how finance and investment in female- founded businesses and feminist organisations in Belgium and across the EU can help accelerate equality at both a social and economic level.


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Ludivine Pilate, CEO of Puilaetco, a Quintet Private Bank
A graduate of Solvay Business School, Ludivine Pilate trained as a commercial engineer. She began her career in 2003 at EY Brussels as an auditor, specialising in the banking sector. After three years, Ludivine was appointed Project Manager in Accenture's Financial Services division and then Project & Interim Manager for Projective (consulting).

In 2013, Ludivine was put in charge of the Middle and Back Office at UBS Belgium and became a member of the Management Committee. She is now Country CEO at Puilaetco. Ludivine is passionate about running, skiing and cooking.

Nora Belhadi, Co-founder of WiseBudget
Nora Belhadi is a Political Scientist and the Co-Founder of WiseBudget. Nora's mission is to make financial coaching accessible to everyone while helping people manage their money wisely and breaking down the barriers of shame often associated with financial management.

Nora also brings her expertise as a Project Manager in marketing and communications, driven by her deep-rooted passions for diversity, social equality, intersectional feminism, and youth empowerment.

Board Member of Degroof Petercam TBA

Moderator: Georgia Brooks

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