The Biennale of Women in Art - Guided Tour

22/03/2024 - From 19h00 - Members Only
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About Women In Art Association:

Officially created in Belgium in 2022 (unofficially operating since 2018), WIA (Women In Art) is a NGO (non-governmental organization) whose mission is to promote and support the work of women artists in Belgium and around the world.

Women In Art wishes to promote the values and cultural diversity of women artists to the general public but also to artistic and cultural institutions. WIA wishes to offer events that are accessible to the greatest number of people, both in terms of pricing policy and accessibility to cultural events. In addition, WIA wishes to open the debate on the place and role of women artists of yesterday and today, whether on their contributions to the History of Art or to contemporary art.

The initiative goes beyond the production of the Biennale of Women In Art, but also through a series of smaller events all year round (exhibitions, panels, networking, etc.), to promote women artists through the creation of communities of professionals in the artistic, cultural and educational sectors.

About The Biennale Of Women In Art:

The Biennale of Women In Art 'A Show of Resistance' is a collaborative art event praising

women’s talents. The event will demonstrate that women artists, despite the remaining gender inequalities in the art world, stand strong, pursue their art and resist.



Jemina Kulumba is the founder and co-director of Women In Art, she is also an event consultant and a self-taught event organizer. Trained as a pediatric nurse and TV host, she has always been sensitive to children’s and women’s rights. She has worked both in Africa and Belgium.

She has organized fashion shows in Dakar to promote the work of women designers. Jemima Kulumba also co-organized the Etoile des Jeunes parade in Kinshasa in partnership with Radio Télévision Nationale de la République Démocratique du Congo. Her professional experience also includes managing artists like Kenza Sow, who is known for working with Youssoun’dour in Sen Petit Galé.

She regularly collaborates with Belgian associations to promote the rights of women, children, and women artists. Jemima also acted as advisor to the Senegalese Minister of Culture for the web marketing of the Biennale d’art Dakar 2016.


Ticket: 25 euros - includes the entrance, the guided tour and a free drink.

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour.

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