Book Launch: 10 Quintessential Questions

23/04/2024 - From 18h00 - Public

We are excited to welcome Suyin Aerts back to The Nine clubhouse for her second book launch!

10 Quintessential Questions focuses on leadership and raises transformative questions. Suyin's role as an interviewer inspired her to write this book, in which she explores what you can learn from yourself and others through 10 Quintessential Questions and 21 interviews.

Despite hearing the same question, both our background and experiences can make us understand something in a different way from the person sitting next to us. To be a good leader, interviewer, entrepreneur or a strong person, you need to ask the right questions.

However, the answer matters just as much. It will dictate the next portion of your interview, the next step for your company or your next big life decision.

Dive into insights shared by a wealth of inspirational people, including Ann Wauters, Italy Talgam, Rudi Vranckx, and Malene Birger.


After a career as a professional ballet dancer and a job as an actress & presenter for Belgian Television along with some years in the fashion industry, Suyin Aerts decided to continue her a-typical walk through life by joining her partner in his company, X-Treme Creations.

Suyin quotes “X-Treme Creations is your partner for the design, production and realization of your visual marketing material for multiple projects. In our business there are no limits to our imagination and little restrictions to our products. We can realize our client’s wildest imaginations!”

In 2012 she was awarded the Talent Award of Women in Marketing and Communication. In 2016 she won the award of Networker of the Year in Belgium and in 2023 she took home the Women in Circular & Sustainable Economy.

She combines her professional life as a female entrepreneur with a freelance career as multilingual presenter and journalist for television (Kanaal Z/Canal Z) and as moderator on events. This brings her another award in 2019, The Wintrade Award for Women in the Media-London (sponsored by Microsoft).

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Business Policy, different Marketing classes and a degree in International Trade at the International Chamber of Commerce, Suyin stays eager to keep on broadening her vision and knowledge, growth and staying both creative and innovative. In 2020 she obtained a degree in digital transformation from Vlerick Business School ‘Take the Lead’

Her typical management style stands for intrapreneurship within her teams. She loves helping others to dare to go for their own talents, both personal and professional. She is convinced that networking is part of the game.

In April 2022 Suyin Published her first book: Time for the creative generalist, in Dutch, published by LannooCampus This same publishing house launched her second book called 10 Quintessential Questions, released in English on the importance of asking the right questions and the flow of an interview.

Her motto states: ...” to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions”

Every Friday she shares her “Friday Thoughts”, a blog on her website:



TWO types of tickets available:

- Free entry with the possibility to purchase a copy of the book in person 35RRP
- Paid entry in advance with discounted book price 30RRP

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