Break the Cycle: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace

12/09/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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Do you rationally know that you are smart + capable, yet it doesn't always feel that way?

In this interactive, practical and content-filled workshop we’ll discuss how to create and nurture genuine self-confidence.

This is for you if:

  • You find yourself overthinking, hesitating, second-guessing yourself while others seem to be much more decisive and sure of themselves
  • You are highly critical of yourself - there's always something that's not (good) enough
  • You are working hard to “fix yourself” and prove to others how capable you are, yet worried that you are not and can be found out at any moment
  • You find yourself ruminating about feedback you got, or that mistake you made last week, even though you know it’s not helpful
  • You are driven and ambitious, yet you find yourself not speaking up in meetings, leading projects or giving key presentations as much as you'd want to, because there's that nagging fear that you might not be able to pull it off
  • You are fed up with “playing small” and holding back, while others - who are not more qualified than you - seem to get all the opportunities and promotions.

After the workshop you'll walk away with:

  1. Three “tools” to create self-confidence, that unintentionally create more insecurity (I bet you tried them too) and why they don’t work
  2. How to create more genuine self-confidence instead
  3. Self-confidence applied to 3 cases
  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Ruminating over feedback/criticism
  • How to bounce back from making a mistake


The workshop is no frills, high energy and built on a foundation of brain science, psychology and practicality.


An Bourmanne is an engineer and certified coach. She has 25+ years of experience in corporate - of which 10+ in coaching/change management roles.

She is passionate about people & time, and coaches high-achieving professional women on taking up space at work/home, valuing what matters to them, and making intentional time-choices to create a (work)life that has them feel on fire.





It's not the first time Ann Bourmanne has addressed such a common topic. If you attended her workshop on procrastination, you might find this one equally intriguing. And if you missed her previous workshops, don't miss your chance this time.

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