Positive Disintegration: The Sensitive Art of Value Driven Leadership

02/10/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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Leadership is anchored in values. Values guide actions and decisions, shaping the quality of our relationships and ability to lead in complexity. What emotional development is crucial for an authentic understanding and embodiment of one’s values?

With the theory of positive disintegration as a framework, we explore the psychological growth dynamics of personality development. In this theory, emotions are a crucial part of the development of a personal hierarchy of values. Besides theory, we will practice becoming acutely aware of our emotional processes through attuned connection.

Feel warmly welcome to explore the sensitive art of value driven, liberatory leadership!


Lotte van Lith is a parent of a little yet big human being, a life partner and friend, a word smith and a creatively driven seeker often times lost in her hunt of emotional shadows.

Lotte is active as a speaker, lecturer and trainer on the psychology, practice, and art of personal, relational, and creative development (amongst others at the School of Thinking at Free University of Brussels and the Buckminster College). In her own company, A Lot of Complexity, she accompanies intense adolescents and adults in their personal and creative growth spurts and regularly organizes lively seminars and courses on topics ranging from sense making and creative giftedness to emotional development. She is known for her work with the theory of positive disintegration, particularly in the field of giftedness, and received an award for her contributions by the Dutch Mensa Fund. In 2021, she published "Intens mens", a collection of lyrical reflections on the above themes.



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