Financial Independence for Women: How WIT Angels Invest in Innovation

05/09/2024 - From 19h30 to 21h - Members Only
Registration mandatory

For this financial independence event we welcome Wit Angels, an all-female investment club dedicated to addressing gender diversity gap in angel investing by unlocking untapped potential, fostering innovation, and creating a more equitable and inclusive investment landscape.

This event is for you if you have ever wondered: 

  • Why investment in innovation is essential?
  • The importance of women as cheque writers
  • How to invest exactly ? 

Join us for a productive night in the company of : 

Andreea SAIA (based in Paris, FR)
Co-founder WIT Angels Club,
"As an engineer with 15+ years of experience in consulting (IT strategy and M&A), I’m passionate about technology, innovation and investment. And anything about Venture Capital and Startups! This is why I put my energy in addressing the investment and innovation’s gender gaps. I founded two firms to accompany tech entrepreneurs to find investment at growth level (ElleTech Advisory) and to accompany women angel investors to support innovation through investment (WIT Angels Club). I am strongly convinced that involving women more widely into investment decisions would positively contribute to the world’s economy and society."

"As a Finance & Banking (Transformation) professional with more than a decade of experience, as well as investor, I am deeply passionate about personal financial stability as well as wealth building. As a woman, I recognize the pressing need for enhanced financial knowledge to secure women's financial futures and I am deeply passionate about promoting financial literacy among women. Finally, as a member of the WIT Angels Club, I firmly believe women must have all the facts when making financial decisions, and understanding the risks and rewards of Angel Investment is vital in that journey."

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