Non-Violent Communication for Leaders : Fostering Collaborative Climate

27/08/2024 - From 19h30 to 21h - Members Only
Registration mandatory

This event is designed to empower leaders with the skills of non-violent communication (NVC), a vital tool for fostering effective dialogue and collaborative solutions in the fight against climate change.

In the face of urgent climate challenges, effective leadership requires not only a deep understanding of environmental issues but also the ability to engage in empathetic and constructive dialogue. Unlock the power of empathy and effective dialogue during this must-attend event.

This event is designed for forward-thinking leaders and will arm you with the skills of non-violent communication (NVC), a game-changing approach essential for driving meaningful climate action and forging powerful collaborations.

Why Attend?

In the race against climate change, your ability to engage in empathetic and constructive
communication can make all the difference. NVC empowers leaders to connect deeply with
stakeholders, build consensus, and inspire collective action towards a sustainable future. It's an
opportunity to transform your leadership style and impact.

Event Highlights :

Part 1: Engage and Discover

• Led by Dr Audrey-Flore Ngomsik, CEO of Trianon Scientific Communication, Climate change strategist.

• Interactive Quiz: Kick off the event with a dynamic quiz designed to test and expand your understanding of non-violent communication. Identify your strengths and uncover areas for growth as you engage with foundational NVC concepts. Fun and informative, this quiz sets the stage for deeper learning and application.

Part 2: Learn and Apply: Expert Session

• Led by Leen Vermeersch, NVC expert, senior director in Finance and the founder of Flandrienella. This session dives into practical applications of non-violent communication within the realm of climate leadership.
• Witness real-world examples where NVC has resolved conflicts and fostered collaboration.
• Engage in interactive demonstrations and role-playing exercises tailored to climate-related scenarios.

Your Takeaway :

By the end of this transformative event, you will enhance your ability to build consensus and drive impactful collaborations.

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