How to Become a LinkedIn Queen

10/09/2024 - From 19h30 to 21h30 - Members Only
Registration mandatory

Join us to break the stereotype of LinkedIn as being overly corporate and lacking authenticity. 

This workshop will help you become your true self through your LinkedIn profile to elevate your online presence and boost your career opportunities.

Talking openly about our professional online presence is not as easy as it sounds. When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn headline, bio, photo or explained your degrees/certificates in detail? Have you found yourself imagining making a post, but not actually following through? What do you do with a network of 500 people? 

Words must be carefully selected, the photo authentic and descriptions on current and past career paths accurate. At the same time… LinkedIn can also be funky, fun and can play a huge part in your future career path. But how, you may think?

Maisie & Isabella will guide you through the basics of personal branding on LinkedIn, how to promote yourself, and target your audience so that you can use LinkedIn to your advantage.


We will organise this workshop in 3 parts and it will last 2 hours:

1) Best practices and the benefits of leveraging your LinkedIn network

2) Hands-on exercises with your laptops/phones

3) Photo session to capture your best professional self

Whether or not you are actively seeking new career opportunities, this workshop is a great opportunity to uplift your online presence and set yourself up for continued professional success.


Tickets includes a glass of wine/soft & a high-quality portrait photograph of each participant.

⚠️ Please bring your own laptop or your phone to connect on LinkedIn ⚠️

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